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New England Patriots Player Reveals Creative Side With Odd ‘Sunday Night Football’ Intro

September 25, 2016
Source: Boston Globe

Source: Boston Globe

During every Sunday Night Football game, NBC introduces the players from both teams, who will often simply state their name and where they attended college. However, during Week 1 action between the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots, tight-end Martellus Bennett gave a different answer that at first seemed odd, but in reality revealed a completely different side to the 6’6″ 275 lbs. player.

As the Patriots’ offense took the field Sunday, Bennett introduced himself as “Marty” from the “Imagination Agency.” At first it might just seem like Bennett was fooling around, but digging a little deeper proves that the Patriot is a bit of a renaissance man.

In addition to adjusting to his new team (Bennett had 3 catches for 14 yards in the game) the former Pro Bowl tight-end is known for his off-the-field creative endeavors, including music and art. He also writes and illustrates children’s books.

Bennett spoke to Boston’s WBZ-TV about how his daughter, Austin Jett, influenced his upcoming book, Hey A.J. It’s Saturday.

“I wanted to start off with Saturday, because as a kid it was always my favorite day of the week. Just waking up and watching cartoons, eating big bowls of cereal out of the biggest bowl my mom had in the house. I wanted kids to meet A.J. on her Saturday. A.J.’s an imaginative girl whose imagination — she always uses her imagination so much she ends up making a mess.”

Bennett went on to speak about the creative legacy he hopes to leave with his work:

“I feel like the things that we create live on forever. Football, there’s going to be another Martellus Bennett (who will) come around and break the records…; I don’t want my daughter to grow up saying that my dad had a great stiff arm. I want her to know that he created, he made things. These are stories that are going to be here forever for her, and whenever she needs me I’ll always be there through story.”

Bennett often shares images and previews of his work with followers on his Instagram page.


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