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15 Creative Ways To Use Baby Oil For Your Home And Health

October 1, 2016

baby oil ear

Most of you probably think baby oil is for babies (and you’d be right of course)…; but that’s not all baby oil is useful for. Baby oil actually has many practical uses beyond massaging those tiny legs and arms.

All baby oil essentially is is a mineral oil that is scented. You can consider mineral oil similar to petroleum Jelly since they are closely related. It is produced in large quantities and is fairly inexpensive to purchase. While many folks may not think of purchasing mineral oil, a lot of people are aware of baby oil since it is more well known.

We’ve collected several tips on using baby oil ranging from skin protection to getting gum out of hair. You’ll be surprised at some of the ways baby oil can be useful!

1. Add some baby oil to your bath for silky smooth skin:


2. Soothe cracked heels with some baby oil:


3. Remove gum caught up in hair easily with baby oil:


4. Enjoy a mess free manicure:


5. Baby oil makes a great massage oil:


6. You can use it as a furniture polish:


7. It can make a great shield against frostbite:


8. Face friendly eye makeup remover:


9. Easily remove paint without harsh chemicals:


10. It also makes a great substitute for shaving cream:


11. Soften ear wax in your ear canal:


12. Manage a squeaky door with a dab of baby oil:


13. Fix a stubborn stuck zipper by applying some baby oil:


14. Baby oil can help you get through a pile of tangled jewelry:


15. Remove temporary tattoos with baby oil:


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