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DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls – Great for Parties

October 1, 2016

Chocolate bowls – what could possibly be better for parties? You can create your very own chocolate bowls to fill with candy, ice cream or anything else and it’s really easy to do. You will need melted chocolate and a few relatively small balloons.

DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls – Great for Parties

Just wash and then blow up the balloons and then dip them into melted chocolate. Once the chocolate sets up and dries, you just pop the balloon and you have perfect little chocolate bowls. You can do these in different sizes and use white chocolate with food coloring if you want a bit more color.
Imagine the things that you can use to fill up these yummy chocolate bowls! Use them for your next party or just make a few and keep them in the freezer for those cold nights when you want something warm and yummy for dessert. Kids will love helping you to create these bowls as well.

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DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls – Great for Parties

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