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Learn how to make these amazing cheesy bacon bombs

October 1, 2016

Im pretty sure we can all agree that bacon and cheese are two of lifes greatest pleasures, so these cheesy bacon bombs are sure to become an instant favorite! They can serve as an amazing order or appetizer at a dinner party. They can be a side dish. They can just be a snack, because theyre so easy and quick to make. This is one of those recipes that is simple enough for your kids after school snack, but impressive enough to bring to a potluck. They are a really simple, sinful treat. I love them so much that I totally plan on experimenting with different types of bacon, different types of biscuits, and so many different kinds of cheese. Cheese is one of my absolute favorite things and there are so many types that I love! The recipe for the cheesy bacon moms is so simple. Simply take mozzarella cheese and cut it into approximately 1 inch cubes. Cut your biscuit dough in half and then form it around the cheese completely. The next step is to simply take a piece of bacon and wrap it completely around the double wrapped cheese. Kind of turning it while youre wrapping it will ensure every place is covered. Then you just need to secure each cheesy bacon ball with a toothpick. Now all you have to do is heat up some oil in a pan, an inch or two should be good. Get it to about 300, not too hot, and place a few in the pan.Cook for a few minutes until the bacon start browning, then turn. Each side for a few minutes until the bacon is nice and brown and the biscuit dough that seeps out is all crispy! Once they are done, drain them on paper towels and when they are cool enough to handle, remove the toothpicks and enjoy! I am confident that you will love them as much as I do.

Check out the video that walks you through the entire process here:

The recipe for the cheesy bacon moms is so simple.

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