Best Homemade Energy Bars With Only Three Ingredients

Well, if you haven’t made this so far, then you have to try it these days-it’s simple, doesn’t take a lot of time, it is cheap and super healthy! Especially those of you who watch the intake of sweet and you totally miss it. Preparation is as simple as it can be, and the ingredients that required for preparation not only are healthy, but they are great allies in the fight for ‘fit’ body. It’s definitely better and more cost-effective solution than purchasing energy bars!

The original recipe says raisins, almonds and dates, where the last two ingredients are basic, while the raisins can substitute other dried fruit.

Author of the recipe says that to the mix you can add cinnamon, cocoa, pieces of dark chocolate or coconut.

Something about each ingredient

Nibbling raisins controls hunger and promotes satiety.

This prevents excessive calorie intake and increases the feeling of satiety.

And not only they can lower your cholesterol, almonds are great food if you pay attention to the line – also reduce the desire to eat, but also build muscles.

Dates are the ideal snack to provide enough energy for the rest of the day, and because of the broad content of essential nutrients, and the potential positive effects they have on health, dates may be considered as an almost ideal food!


As we said, the preparation of new energy bars is very simple.

All three foods in equal quantities, place in a blender and let the appliance run for about 30 seconds.

Then pour the mixture onto a plastic sheet and shape as desired (cubes, spheres, rods …;)

Store the bars in a refrigerator, and don’t worry because they can last up to several weeks.

Here is the process of the making in pictures:


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