This was the drink that was used in the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. The contestants of the show were using this drink and the drink helps them lose a weight very quickly.


Are also one of those who have a problem with losing weight? And as I assume you want to lose the weight fast? So this is the drink that will help you with dealing with the problem and lose the belly fat quickly. The drink is very easy and simple to make and also to drink. So you are still here? What are you waiting? Let’s do prepare the drink and lose some weight.

12 grapefruits
2 mandarins
1 peeled cucumber
4 liters of water
Mint leaves

Directions to prepare and drink:
1. Peel the fruit and mash it up.
2. Put the fruit into the water
3. Add mint leaves and ice
4. Let stand for 2 hours before drinking.
5. Drink this throughout the whole day.