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This Baby Almost Died Because She Was Kissed. The Reason? So Scary

October 6, 2016

This video contains information that may save numerous lives of children around the world. If you or someone in your environment have a baby, you will surely be shocked when you discover what has happened to poor little baby Brooke when she was given a kiss by a stranger.

Nothing in the physical appearance of the stranger seemed weird or showed any clue that this stranger could have any kind of infection. Both his lips and his skin were clear. Still, behind the surface, there was an unwanted guest hiding in his body.

This Baby Almost Died Because She Was Kissed. The Reason So Scary

This unwanted guest was the herpes virus. This virus can be transmitted from the host to another body, which in this case was little Brooke. Her tender immune system was quickly plagued by this virus.

Her body was still unprepared because of her young age and it hadn’t built up a resistance to such a powerful enemy. This virus can be very nasty because it may remain in the body for months or sometimes even years after the initial exposure, and wage war on the body and fully attack it quite later.

Brooke was hospitalized and given excellent assistance and care in the local hospital, and that contributed to her total recovery and to her leaving home. Sadly, this virus will stay in her system forever and she will be dealing with herpes for the rest of her life. We sincerely advise you to share this with your family and friends thus keeping the babies in your environment safe from this possible threat.

Let us use the benefits of social media and the internet in general and work together. This means that we should fight for proper education on this topic, so that we would be able to stop the spreading of this ugly illness that can be prevented. Take your part into it and contribute to the perfect cure of prevention.

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This Baby Almost Died Because She Was Kissed. The Reason? So Scary

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