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Amazing Discovery: This Vitamin Treats Lung Inflammation within 3 Hours!

October 7, 2016

Doctor of medicine Frederick Klener in 1940 claimed that with the proper consumption of vitamin C you can treat over 30 different diseases, amongst which pneumonia is.

Most of the times you experience severe cough and chills, a virus is causing pneumonia. It can be a case where fluids are accumulated in the lungs, and many of these cases lead to death.

Bad news is that antibiotics cannot deal with a viral infection. Lowered function of the immune system and neglected lymphatic system are a good basis for bronchitis, and this is an issue that, like many others, requires great caution in its treatment.

Amazing Discovery This Vitamin Treats Lung Inflammation within 3 Hours!

It is scientifically proved that flu vaccines are bad for the immune system and contain enormous amounts of toxins such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. These metals are known to be the cause of neurological problems, and very often are the cause of problems with the system of reproduction as well.

Even though the attention given to vitamin C has increased during the recent years, it still doesn’t receive the deserved attention. It is an antioxidant that improves the immune system and promotes the detoxification of the liver, improves the cognitive function and protects the body against assailants from outside. It is also the best and the most efficient cure for cold, gout, asthma, bone and muscle injuries, allergies and high blood pressure.

When it comes to lung inflammation, vitamin C is miraculous for supporting the natural ability of the body to defend itself without damaging the red flora.

When the natural flora is damaged by destroying viruses, a long-term imbalance is created.

Much information about vitamin C was spread after the interview of Doctor Andrjua Saul, who stresses the fact that treatment of lung inflammation takes only three hours.

Here’s a video which shows you the proper way to consume vitamin C for treatment of many serious respiratory illnesses.

Vitamin C is crucial for regeneration, as well as for maintaining the physical health, and a big plus is that it is widely spread and easily available. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C, especially leafy vegetables, as well as legumes, algae, some grains etc.

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Amazing Discovery: This Vitamin Treats Lung Inflammation within 3 Hours!

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