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Symptoms of Cancer That Men Often Ignore

October 7, 2016

Many people neglect the early signs of cancer, relying on the advice of other people and don’t go to the doctor even if the situation is really serious.

Recognize the early signs and seek help in time.

Symptoms of Cancer That Men Often Ignore

1. Problems with erection (possible sign of prostate cancer)

2. Pain and a feeling of heaviness in the groin, hips, thighs and abdomen (the sign of prostate cancer is constant pain in that area of ​​the body)

3. Swelling or lumps on the testicles (a possible sign of testicular cancer, mostly painless)

4. Rough skin on the nipples or sore nipples with a discharge coming out of them (men can also have breast cancer)

5. Difficulties with urinating or some other problem (prostate cancer)

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Symptoms of Cancer That Men Often Ignore

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